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WELCOME TO the Next Generation of IT and Comms deployment!

With a dramatic increase in technology consumerisation we developed our Flexetech and Flexephone solutions to enable you to give employees access to the latest hardware devices and telecoms technology in the workplace, while reducing the direct costs normally associated with such high capital expenditure through a fully managed and cost efficient process. To receive your Flexetech and Flexephone Brochure contact us today!

Finance Advantages

  • Reduce IT asset procurement costs
  • Reduce workforce mobility costs
  • Reduce asset insurance costs
  • Cash flow positive

Operations Advantages

  • Improve workflow efficiencies
  • Increase productivity and time management
  • Deliver mobile and communication strategies
  • Invest in business improvement projects

HR Advantages

  • Increase satisfaction and retention rates
  • Attract new talent
  • Incentivise and encourage personal development
  • Improve IT skills in the workplace

CYOD Deployment

  • Company approved technology devices
  • Company branded platform
  • Enterprise deployment capabilites
  • End to end process. policies and procedures
  • Real time management reporting
  • Fully managed service
  • No cost to the business
  • Cash flow positive finance solutions
  • Release investment capital into the business

Employee Advantages

  • Substantial cost reductions
  • Access to the latest technology devices
  • No credit checks
  • Simple monthly payments
  • Fully insured service

Board Advantages

  • Maximize return on investment
  • Meet business objectives
  • Rapid development for immediate business impact
  • No cost to business

IT & Comms Advantages

  • Reduce IT and Comms procurement costs
  • Reduce telecoms and administration costs
  • Improve IT and mobility performance
  • Decrease support costs
  • Invest in strategic projects
  • Deliver more for less

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